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Why 2021 could be the year for a charity challenge!



Over the years, our founder Kate and other members of the KBPT team have raised thousands of pounds for charity by taking part in the London to Paris bike ride, the Three Peaks Challenge, Race for Life and many other events. 


With the COVID-19 pandemic having such a devastating financial impact on the voluntary sector (research shows that one in 10 UK charities might be forced to close), how about making 2021 the year that you give back as you walk, run or pedal?


Here are a few things to bear in mind before you sign up for a charity challenge:


  • Have you got enough time to train for it? Be realistic. You’ll have to fit your training around work and other responsibilities (your KBPT trainer can help you with your training plan, of course). Our top tip? If you’ve never run more than 5km, don’t sign up for a marathon that takes place next month!


  • Is it for a charity that is close to your heart? Although it’s great to support any voluntary organisation, it can be particularly rewarding if it means something to you. Perhaps the charity has helped a friend or family member? Or it might be a small, local group that has struggled during lockdown?


  • Could you do it as a team? The more the merrier isn’t just for parties. Getting a group of friends or colleagues together to do a charity challenge means that you’ll be able to a) train together and support each other and b) raise more money.


  • How could it boost your fitness or personal development? If you’re looking for a good reason to take up running, cycling or another activity, having an end goal can be very powerful. Knowing that you have sponsors and supporters is also a great motivator.


  • How can you raise lots of money? Some charity challenges have a minimum sponsorship amount so you might have to think creatively about how you raise funds. Could you set up a JustGiving page? Does your company offer ‘matched giving’ (where it donates the same amount that you raise)? Could you use your social channels to promote what you’re doing?


If this all sounds good and you’re looking for some charity challenge inspiration, check out the following events:


Thames Path Challenge (11-12 September 2021)


Walk, jog or run alongside the Thames to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society, Help for Heroes or another partner charity. If you’re up for it, go the full 100km from Putney Bridge to Henley. If not, 25km and 50km options are also available. 


Find out more on the Thames Path Challenge website.


Allegr 12 x 12 x 12 (every month in 2021)


12 x 12 x 12 is the chance “to reconnect, to move and to experience the simple, vital joy that human interaction fuels in us all”. The founder of Allegr, Ben, is running 12 hours non-stop in 12 different locations in each of the 12 months of 2021 – and you can join him for an hour, a couple of hours or the whole run! It’s all for a great cause (The Samaritans and local mental health charities). 


Find out more on the Allegr website.


Dulux London Revolution (25-26 September 2021)


If you’re already a keen cyclist, this 155-mile 360-degree loop around London could be for you. Charity places are available for Cancer Research UK, London’s Air Ambulance Charity and Macmillan Cancer Support or you can ride for your chosen charity. Whichever organisation you choose to support, how amazing to be raising pounds as you pedal!


Find out more on the Dulux London Revolution website.


Email [email protected] to learn how KBPT’s personal trainers could help you get ready for your charity challenge. 


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