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What is BOSU training and what are the benefits

A BOSU Balance Trainer is a balance training device.  It consists of an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform.  When the dome side faces up, the BOSU ball provides an unstable surface while the device remains stable. The device can be flipped over so that the platform faces up. In this position, the device is highly unstable and can be used for other forms of exercise.

The key benefits of BOSU training are:

  • You can get a full body workout using just the BOSU
  • BOSU training is great to work specifically on core, lower body or upper body
  • BOSU is great to work on balance, strength, agility and flexibility 
  • BOSU can increase the intensity of your workout for expample incorporating a bosu ball while lifting free weights, such as dumbbells and barbells, you force your muscles to stabilize and guide the weights thorough the full motion, making your usual exercise routine more challenging. 
  • BOSU can also add an extra challenge and intensity to other common exercises, such as pushups, lunges, and squats.
  • BOSU is a great workout for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced

KBPT can teach you BOSU routines for you to use at home/in the gym and can also incorporate BOSU training into your personal training programme.

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