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Skype Personal Training

No worries if you don’t live in east London or north Devon – or if you travel a lot for work – we can still train you! Our KBPT personal trainers simply log on to a video conferencing app, such as Skype or FaceTime,and get you working out remotely.

How does Skype PT work?
All you need is a laptop or tablet, Skype, FaceTime or a similar app and a few free weights (although we can do it without any fitness equipment at all). We plan your personal training programme carefully and we’ll be live on your device at the arranged time. If you can link your laptop or tablet to your TV (you’ll need an RGB or HDMI cable), even better, as you’ll be able to see your trainer on the big screen. You get all the benefits of KBPT without having to leave your living room!

I’m often away with work, can you still train me?
Absolutely. We know it can be difficult to hit your fitness goals when you’re on the move – Skype PT can make a huge difference. Just log on from your hotel room and your KBPT trainer will get you motivated and working out from afar. Imagine seeing a friendly face and getting a brilliant personal training session, wherever you are in the world... where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Can I do a mix of studio and Skype PT?
Of course. We can create a personal training plan that fits your lifestyle. Train face-to-face when you can and take advantage of technology to work with us remotely when you can’t make it to the KBPT studio.
"I started training with Lauren after moving to the UK in 2015 and loved it! I didn’t live full time in London, so Lauren would do Skype sessions with me on the days I wasn’t able to be in the city. When I moved back home to Sweden in 2016 I didn’t want to lose her as my PT so all our sessions became Skype sessions! It’s been incredibly convenient for me to keep a trainer that I love and be able to exercise in my own home. I just have an exercise mat and a few free weights and leg weights, but Lauren manages to make each session interesting and challenging nonetheless." Kristina
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