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Trainer Spotlight: Lauren Karl

Trainer Spotlight is back and this month, Lauren is in the Spotlight. One of KBPT's most magical trainers, Lauren has a love of burlesque dancing, and performing mind-blowing magic tricks! Lauren is also one of the longest standing trainers at KBPT, joining our East London Girl Gang back in 2013! [dt_gap height="10" /] IMG-6383Name: Lauren Karl [dt_gap height="10" /] What is your favourite exercise or activity? I love running, as well as rock climbing and I really enjoy fire dancing! [dt_gap height="10" /] IMG-6371 What keeps you motivated? Life! There is so much amazing stuff out there that I want to try. I know I only have one life and I want to do as much as I can while I am here. [dt_gap height="10" /] Why did you become a personal trainer? I have played sports since I was 4, so physical activity has always been an important part of my life. I was a division 1 lacrosse player at the University of California Berkeley and know the importance of physical activity and keeping the body strong. This made me really think about how I could help others understand this, and stay strong as well. When I was getting my master in acting at East 15 I started training with Kate Burrows and seeing what she did was really inspiring... the rest is history! [dt_gap height="10" /] IMG-6373IMG-6372IMG-6377             What’s your favourite thing to do in your free time? I love performing and I'm an award winning international magic/burlesque performer so love doing that!  Love acting and doing voice overs, these things are also work but I love them! Haha! In my spare time... I like traveling, working out, drinking white wine, dancing, obsessing over my puggle, rehearsing magic, and finding cool things to do in London. [dt_gap height="10" /] If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what food would it be and why? Ahhhhhh Vegan food!!!! Specific vegan foods... vegan cheese, falafels, avocados and sautéed spinach! YUM!!!!! Anyone who knows me knows I love being vegan and really believe in it for health reasons and animals rights reasons but I never want to be preachy about it.... it is just something that really works for me personally I understand it might not be everyones cup of tea :) [dt_gap height="10" /] IMG-6374IMG-6379IMG-6369    
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