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Trainer Spotlight: Abbie Smith

This month's spotlight is shining down on one of the newest members of the KBPT Girl Gang, Abbie! Abbie joined us a few months ago, after Kate spent many years trying to convince Abbie she'd make a brilliant PT. Well, finally Abbie decided Kate was right and changed careers going from Marketing Manager to fully qualified Personal Trainer. We're so excited to welcome Abbie to the gang, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity for you to get to know her better... AS-1 Name: Abbie Smith [dt_gap height="10" /] [dt_gap height="10" /] What is your favourite exercise and why? I love a variation! I like to mix my workouts depending on what my body needs. So if I need to clear my head I go for a run, if I need to switch off I go to yoga, I love how I feel after a really intense spin or boxing class, and I absolutely love smashing some weights and aching all over afterwards! 21689078_1879115045739163_2081288220464644096_n19120628_1587880211254166_4903855330561097728_n                     What keeps you motivated? Definitely the way exercise makes me feel. If I stop moving I feel sluggish, greedy and unmotivated. Of course I have my duvet days, I’m just like everyone else! But I love the way my mood lifts when I’ve been getting sweaty. I often like to do sessions I plan for clients to test them out and understand where to expect those fatiguing points (or when to expect that look of disbelief from a client! ;) ) [dt_gap height="10" /] [dt_gap height="10" /] Why did you become a Personal Trainer? I worked in marketing for years and realised that I was losing my desire to climb the ladder which didn’t feel right. Whenever I was stressed or bored I used exercise as my escape, so it made sense to turn it into my career. 20986925_124376184870799_1734072743449591808_n24125365_1568353866591788_2103912063775539200_n                     If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? Hmmm that’s a mix of bananas and Yorkshire puddings (probably not together tho!). Obviously I’m mindful of what I eat - everything in moderation and all that jazz, but I literally can’t turn down a homemade Yorkshire pud - preferably with a roast dinner! As for bananas, I have one a day in some form or another such as in a homemade smoothie or just as it is. [dt_gap height="10" /] [dt_gap height="10" /] Where is your favourite place in London to hang out in your free time? Can’t choose just one! I still love the hustle and bustle of broadway market on a Saturday. Victoria Park and the regents canal is still my favourite running route. And i love the little pocket of London I call home - Canonbury. Newington Green is full of veg shops, cafes and cool places to eat, and I’m quite a homebird at times - I lead such a busy life that I’m always so grateful to have some quality time in my lovely flat, sometimes it’s all about some me-time! 11849819_159967071010699_1461409308_n25014079_416819848721290_4754827430043058176_n                     What one piece of advice would you like to give all clients, old and new? Look after your knees! My clients will all smile when they read this as I’m like a broken record. You need to build good foundations for your exercises and for that you need strong and stable knees. So I’ll always spend time making sure we have good form before we start progressing exercises. Oh, and my mantra is, you never regret doing a workout, but you’re likely to regret not doing it. AS
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