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Trainer Q&A: Lucy

How and why did you become a personal trainer?

I’m a professional dancer (ballet, contemporary, musical theatre and opera) so fitness has always been a big part of my life. In between dance contracts, I taught fitness classes but realised that I preferred working one-to-one so I qualified as a personal trainer. It felt like a natural progression from dance to PT and it came at a time when theatres were in lockdown, which meant I could focus on pursuing my personal training career. I joined the KBPT team about six months ago.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not training KBPT clients?

My new hobby is synchronised swimming. I watched it in the Olympics and now I’m taking lessons at the London Aquatics Centre where the pros train! I love swimming and dance so it’s a great way to combine the two. I also enjoy yoga, reading and finding coffee shops to warm up in between outdoor PT sessions.


What is your philosophy on health and fitness?

Do what feels good. Find a way of exercising that you enjoy so you don’t dread your workouts! Ultimately, you’ll always feel better after exercise but it helps if you look forward to it.


What inspires you – both professionally and personally?

My clients really inspire me. They have busy jobs and busy lives (many are mums) but they still find the time to work out and smash their PT sessions. Seeing their dedication spurs me on.


How do you motivate your clients?

I break our PT sessions into small chunks and layer stuff in. Most of my clients don’t struggle with motivation but, if they do, I entice them by starting off with something easy and then build things up.


What lessons have you learned as a personal trainer?

When you’re a dancer, you’re always on short-term contracts so I’m enjoying being able to commit to longer term work. I’ve also learnt that every client is different and you have to find a way of connecting with them. For example, one of my clients likes to play football so we tie this into our PT sessions.


Bonus question… what are your go-to podcasts and TV series right now?

I listen to the Nike ‘Trained’ podcast and the ‘Off Menu’ (James Acaster and Ed Gamble) podcast while I’m cycling to meet my clients. At home, I love watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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