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Trainer Q&A: Abbie

Trainer Q&A: Abbie

Next up in our trainer Q&A series – time to find out more about Abbie!


How and why did you become a personal trainer?

I’ve always been quite sporty (netball, athletics, gym) and I used to have a personal trainer  myself. When I was looking for a new job in marketing a few years ago, I realised that I needed a completely different challenge. I was friends with Kate so I knew that being a personal trainer was a great career.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not training KBPT clients?

I’m mum to a toddler so I don’t have much spare time! But I do enjoy watching films and eating good food. We’ve been on a campervan holiday recently and we’d like to do more of that. 


What is your philosophy on health and fitness?

I’m fascinated by the science behind it so, when I’m working with my clients, I focus on getting them to exercise in the right way and with good form. I also believe that exercise is about a feeling – it should make you feel good, feel strong and feel happy.


What inspires you – both personally and professionally?

I’m inspired when I see my clients getting motivated and becoming happier. I also follow other personal trainers on Instagram and get inspired by their drive.


How do you motivate your clients?

I vary the workouts so they don’t get bored – quite a few of my clients have told me they like the fact their PT session is different every time. I also send them video workouts they can do at home to stay motivated and I share my own experiences of overcoming challenges and obstacles. It’s good to show that you’re real. Recently, I supported one of my clients who was doing intermittent fasting by doing it too. 


What lessons have you learned as a personal trainer?

You’ve got to be very adaptable as every client has a different personality and different goals. You have to tailor your training programmes to suit them.


Bonus question... who would you turn to for help if you needed it?

My husband – always.


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