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Top Five Running Tips to Get Started

- Get yourself a good pair of running trainers.  You can get advice from running shops like Runners Needs where they do a gait analysis.  This is a way of assessing the way you walk or run.  They look at the way your foot strikes the floor and combine it with an understanding of your injury history and the kind of distances you wish to run.  It allows them to identify an appropriate running shoe.   - Start with a low mileage.  Build your miles gradually.  If you are brand new to running then you could start with one min walk and then one min run intervals.  The miles will come so be patient and try to enjoy it.   - Strengthen your glutes.  Weak or/and tight glutes muscles are often linked to common injuries such as runners knee  - see our blog post for glute strengthening exercise  videos   - Make a great play list.  Listening to your favourite tunes always helps your run flow more easily.  I love listening to Spin Sisters mixes I post one of these a month so keep your eyes peeled.   - Stretch.  Make sure you cool down and stretch at the end of your run.  Stretching will reduce muscles soreness as well as help to get muscles back to their original length.
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