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Tips For Running In The Summer

Running is a great form of exercise, it improves aerobic fitness and is a great way to help improve cardiovascular heath.  There are physical benefits such as building strength and burning calories as well as psychological benefits such as reducing stress and improving your mood.  

Here are some tips for running in the summer or heat.

  • Start your workout slowly, to give your body time to adjust in the heat.

  • Avoid running at the hottest part of the day.  Try planning your runs in the morning or evening instead.

  • Try planning routes that have some shade.

  • If it is too hot you could buy a day pass to a gym and do your run on a treadmill.

  • Ensure you put on a high factor waterproof (due to the sweat) sunscreen

  • Made sure you wear the correct kit - pick lightweight materials and light colours to reflect the sunlight.  A cap can protect your head while keeping your face in the shade.

  • Stay hydrated - carry water with you on your run.

  • If it is a hot day, slow your run down and enjoy it

  • Know when to stop, if you are feeling dizzy or light headed, don't try and be a hero it's not worth it!


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