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Three Benefits Of TRX Suspension Training

- Can be used any where. TRX's can be fixed to a wall, over doors, to a post - it just needs an anchor point.  This means you can use it at home, in a hotel room if you are travelling for work, on holiday, in a park - it is such an amazing portable piece of kit.  TRX is perfect for KBPT mobile personal training as we can pop it in our kit back and bring it to you. - Full body workout. TRX can be used to train the whole body  You can do both strength training and by changing the pace or exercise cardio training too.  Every movement you make engages your core so it is great for a full body workout. - Perfect for all levels. TRX can be used by anyone from beginners to advanced exercisers.  It can be used by any age, while you are pregnant and is great to help with rehabilitation exercise.  TRX runs a course to become and instructor so ensure you are being trained by a trainer who has qualified.
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