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Survival of the Fittest - Men's Health

On the 17th Nov there was a race called Survival of the Fittest.  10k at Battersea Power Station/Battersea Park with 24 obstacles in it. Loving a challenge I rallied together a team of 10 to run. Team KB was: Alice, Lauren, Cassie, Caroline, Patrick, Sarah, Emily, Abbie, Anna and myself. To train for the event everyone had to build up to running 10k straight.  Then they had to build strong cores and increase all over strength as the 24 obstacles were things like: running with sandbags, monkey bars, wading through ice, climbing over walls, running through tyres, crawling through tubes - you name the muscle we used it! We started together and finished together, the fact we kept it a real team effort made it such fun.  A massive congrats to both Sarah and Anna who hadn't even run 10k before and chose their first one to have 24 obstacles in it, Go Girls :) We completed the race in 1 hour and 13 mins which was great but it wasn't about time it was about fun and we all had a 10/10 day (and hit the beer tent after)!! [gallery]
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