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Rebounding Training

We’re not talking somersaults, but you’ll certainly be jumping around during your rebounding.

What is rebounding?

Rebounding uses a mini-trampoline to give you a low-impact workout. It’s a great cardio exercise that’s easy on your joints.

Why do KBPT personal trainers offer rebounding?

If you’re looking for a fun, full-on workout during your personal training session, rebounding is for you. Want to know why else we think you’ll love to rebound?

•         Time on the trampoline helps to increase your cardio fitness and endurance

•         It improves your balance and strength 

•         You can add weights while rebounding to increase the intensity of the exercise

•         It boosts lymphatic drainage and improves your immune function 

•         Rebounding works all your major muscle groups (yes, ALL of them!)

•         You’ll burn calories both during and after your workout

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