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Personal Training and Cancer Treatment

KBPT personal trainer Helen is a breast cancer survivor and an inspiration to all of us.  Following her treatment she ran Hackney Half Marathon, became the face for Race for Life, did her personal training course and joined KBPT.  She hasn't stopped there she did a five day canoe challenge canoeing a marathon a day, has run six marathons in six weeks and Helen continues to raise awareness and fundraise for Cancer Research and Breast Cancer Now.  If anyone has stuck her two fingers up at cancer it is Helen but her journey has been anything but easy undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and at one point was in an isolation ward.
Helen brings something very special to KBPT, the chance for us to help clients during or after cancer treatment.  She knows the implications of lymphodema and surgery recovery, the physio through this and also side effects of chemo, sickness and fatigue etc..  Every person going through treatment is different, listening to the body is key.  At KBPT we work closely with clients to try to understand how they are feeling.  It's important to try to plan when to workout so it's not at that low point during the treatment cycle.  It's important not to push too far.
If you are having or recovering from cancer treatment Helen is at hand to personal train you back to fitness.
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