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Motivational Monday: Client of the month

Motivational Monday: Client of the month goes to Annalices. Annalices trains with KBPT trainer Mia and started a new training regime at the beginning of June. We have been so impressed by how she has taken to a new healthier lifestyle.  After having bad experiences on her bike Mia encouraged her to practice and now she happily cycles to and from all her PT sessions.  She has been meticulously filling out a food diary where she has been accountable and balanced.  As well as her training with Mia she has taken up pilates and kickboxing classes too.  Annalices’ fitness has increased hugely: A 49 sec plank has turned into a 2 min 35 sec plank. 11 burpees a min has turned into 27 and she has doubled her amount of press ups.  The brucey bonus: Annalices has lost mulitiple inches from her waist, stomach and hips and she is looking and feeling amazing.  Go Annalices - keep up the good work! x 2017-08-10-PHOTO-00000750
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