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Looking for a great at-home workout? Try skipping

“I did some skipping intervals today – 30 seconds on and 15 seconds off x 20. Super easy  to do on the street outside my house but exhausting!” Yes, KBPT’s founder Kate has rediscovered the joy of skipping and it’s the perfect full-body workout when you’re stuck at home during lockdown.

Jumping rope’s not just for kids (or boxers), it’s a fantastic exercise for everyone. From short bursts to longer sessions, skipping helps to tone your arms, get your heart rate up, improve your co-ordination, burn calories and strengthen your bones. It’s actually one of the safest exercises you can do and it puts less strain on your joints compared to things like running. It even has a positive impact on your brain, helping to improve your memory and spatial awareness.


Here are KBPT’s tips on how to get started...

  • Choose the right rope. If you’re new to this, go for one with a low to moderate speed. If you have more experience of skipping and you plan to train more often, a jump rope with weighted handles is the best option. Make sure you do your research before you buy – there are lots of options when it comes to material, width, length, weight and price.
  • Do some prep: Before you even pick up your skipping rope, stand on the balls of your feet and practice how you’ll jump/bounce (with either two feet or moving from one to the other). Now, grab your rope and hold the handles by your hips, keeping your hands the same distance apart from the centre of your body.
  • Start skipping: Kick things off with a basic jump where you keep your feet close together. Make sure your bounce is low and that you land softly, with slightly bent knees. Don’t forget about your upper body too – stand tall, keeping your head and chest up, and use your wrists (not your arms or shoulders) to turn the rope.
  • Take it up a gear: Once you’re more confident, start adding different footwork drills, like the side step, boxer step and cross step. You might even like to mix up your other workouts by adding some rope jumps. Could you skip to warm up for your morning run or use your rope for 30 seconds in between squats, sit-ups and other exercises during your KBPT session?
  • Cool down properly: It’s important to cool down for at least 5-10 minutes after any workout in order to minimise the risk of aches, pains and injuries. Stretch your legs, chest and arms. Walk or jog on the spot. Do some wrist rolls. Then put your skipping rope to one side, ready for the next time...


If you’d like to train with KBPT, email Kate at [email protected].

Find out more about skipping on the Crossrope website and by following #WeJump on social media.


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