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Healthy barbecue recipes


This week the UK celebrates Barbecue Week so we have put together six delicious recipes for you to show off to your friends this summer. Barbecuing is not only a fun activity when entertaining, it's a great way to cook all your favourite healthy foods. Nothing tastes better than grilled veggies or fish and it’s so easy.


Puy Lentil, Spiced Roast Carrot and Feta Salad is not your average dish but its high in fibre, a good source of iron, vitamin C and it counts as 3 of your 5-a-day. This super healthy salad will go nicely with some grilled fish and meat on the bbq.


Roast Vegetable Skewers are a must for any bbq meal as it helps balance out the meat or fish cooked. Not only will brighten up the meal on the table they are very easy and super versatile. You can chop up any veggies you like and stick them on the skewer. Serve with any dipping sauce you fancy.


Herby Potato Salad is a different take on a classic summer salad at a barbecue. This delicious recipe instead features basil, parsley, garlic and no mayo which makes it guilt-free.


Easy Vegan Slaw is a simple dairy-free slaw that's perfect for barbecues and summer picnics. Put it together in minutes and shake with a mustardy dressing and you are good to go.


Barbecued Squid Salad is a fantastic dish to include in your bbq meal this summer. Make sure you marinate the squid before sizzling it on the barbecue or griddle to give it a flavour boost. Accompany it with a salad of mango, avocado and black beans if you like.


Turkey Burgers are easy, healthy burgers that are perfect for feeding bigger groups. These tasty burgers are great for summer entertaining and are a nice change from your chicken or beef burger. Serve with a side salad to make it a lighter meal then fries.

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