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How to Start 2021 with Purpose

Go dry, go vegan, get more sleep, give back – how to start 2021 with purpose

January is a great month to focus on your health and develop some new habits for 2021. But we know how hard it can be to get motivated. To help you stay focused, the KBPT team thought you might like to get involved with some of these initiatives.


Dry January

If you over-indulged on G&T during lockdown or you hit the Baileys over the festive season, the Dry January challenge could be for you. By drinking less alcohol, you could lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of diabetes and improve your sleep.

“2020 has been a year like no other,” says Dr Richard Piper of Alcohol Change UK. “Many of us have spent the year stressed, scared and tired. When things get tough, we can find ourselves slipping into drinking habits we wish we could break, but Dry January can help. It’s our chance for a reset – 31 days to try something new, and to see some amazing benefits like brighter skin, a fuller wallet, a calmer mind and a better night’s sleep.”

Visit the Dry January website and download the Try Dry app



400,000 people in the UK tried vegan in January 2020. This year, the Veganuary team hopes even more of us will take part and is providing advice for getting started, nutrition tips and lots of delicious plant-based recipes you can make at home. With thai vegetable curry, peanut butter cookies and other mouth-watering dishes on the menu, could this be the month you try vegan?

As it says on the Veganuary website, “Veganism is often defined by what we don’t eat... but really, we should focus on all the great stuff that vegans do eat... For almost every animal-derived ingredient and product, there is now a vegan alternative – it just doesn’t come with the animal suffering or the same environmental impact.” 

Find out more about Veganuary. You might also like to follow @justveganin on social media, where our very own KBPT trainer Lauren shares photos from her vegan food outings.


There are lots of other challenges and events going on in January that you could get involved in. How about focusing on the way you rest and relax as part of the Festival of Sleep? Or giving back to your community to mark the Great Winter Get Together? However you do it, why not make January the month where you do something different that helps to improve both your physical health and mental wellbeing.


If you’d like to find out more about how KBPT’s trainers could support you in 2021, contact Kate at [email protected].

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