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Four cafes in London fields to sit outside for breakfast

The time is finally here to get back into cafes and we couldn’t be more excited! Only sitting is allowed outside of course but just to be at some sort of venue will be an amazing feeling. We have listed our favourite cafes in London Fields which is now open for outdoor dining. 


The Bread Station located in the heart of London Fields, have a gorgeous outdoor space set up with tables and chairs so you can enjoy your coffee/pastry. This Danish bakery offers baked goods, breakfast baps, freshly baked bread, fresh produce like avocado, lettuce and tomatoes. For lunch you can find sandwiches including a chilli chicken breast or vegetarian. You can also pick up smoked salmon, milk and other dairy products.


Mare Street Market has become one of Hackney's most popular hot spots so you will be happy to know they have an outdoor area that is now open. The menu includes a salad bar which changes frequently, fresh sandwiches including vegan/veggie options, savoury muffins and loads more. Even if you just fancy a coffee or a naughty treat you will find it all here.


Violet is London Fields hidden gem. Known for baking Harry and Meghan's wedding cake, this gorgeous little cafe has a great outdoor area located on the side of the cafe. They bake the most delicious pastries and serve up a tasty breakfast and lunch. For breakfast, you can enjoy freshly baked banana bread, cheddar corn muffins, granola and yoghurt or different spreads on toast, including avocado. For lunch they usually serve a selection of quiches with a side salad.


E5 Bakery Is an independent organic bakery located in London Fields and probably the most popular. This is a great place for breakfast as everything baked is organic and are local products. Not only do they offer delicious fresh bread and baked goods, but their breakfast menu includes granola with Greek yoghurt, Bircher muesli and much more. Their outdoor space is set in a big courtyard out the back of the cafe. 

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