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Foodie Friday: Peas, Spinach & Tomatoes, Served with an Egg

This is the perfect post-workout meal packed full of protein from the peas and the eggs, healthy fats from the egg yolk and olive oil as well as iron and antioxidants from the spinach, amongst many other nutritional benefits. Peas are unique in the veggie world for their high protein content, perfect if you’re cutting down on your meat intake. Feel free to top with the egg of your choice, or even sausages & bacon if you’re craving a meat fix!



- 1 mug of frozen peas, cooked in salted boiling water for 4 minutes or until tender

- 2 handfuls spinach chopped - 1/2 tub semi-dry tomatoes (if you can’t find semi-dry use a mixture of sun-dried and chopped cherry tomatoes)

- 1 tablespoon olive oil

- Salt, pepper & chilli flakes to taste



Mix all the ingredients together and season well with salt, peter and chilli flakes. The heat of the peas will wilt the spinach slightly.

Serve immediately with an egg on top, cooked to your liking. 

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