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Foodie Friday: Banana pancakes

IMG_7996 Foodie Friday: It’s almost pancake day! Woohoo! Here’s one of our favourite recipes for pancakes made with banana, egg and peanut butter. That’s it! They’re so easy and quick and are a delicious brunch or pre-workout meal. Ingredients: 1 banana 2 eggs 1 generous tablespoon peanut butter Pinch of salt (if your banana is huge add an extra egg and a bit more peanut butter) Coconut oil or any other vegetable based oil for frying Method: - Blend the banana, eggs, PB and salt in a blender until smooth. - Heat oil in a medium-hot frying pan - Fry each pancake over a low-medium heat for 2-3 minutes on each side until golden brown - Serve immediately with your topping of choice!
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