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Five to tips to shifting the Christmas pounds!

- Cut your alcohol consumption right back.  Most of us have been having more social meet ups which generally includes more drinking so give yourself a break for January.  I always say that the hangover day adds as many calories as the alcohol the night before so if you ensure you don't have a hangover you wont be lying on the sofa ordering Deliveroo.  Instead your Saturday morning could be a run, gym class, swim or something else active.
- Plan your workouts into your diary.  The more organised you are the more likely it is to happen.  Book your classes, follow a running plan, schedule your times for your home workouts.  If you have planned them in they are way more likely to happen.
- Plan your food and write a food diary.  Checking what you are eating each day is the first way to spot what needs a tidy up.  Remember to ensure you are drinking enough water, getting your 5 a day, eating antioxidants, sprinkling seeds on your salads for omegas.  Time to put some goodness back into your body after those boxes of Quality Street!
- Swap meeting your friends for dinner or drinks for a walk or exercise class instead - get active!
- Don't beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon, dust yourself off and be start again tomorrow.
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