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Five things our clients love about KBPT

We’re really lucky to work with some great clients here at KBPT and many of them have become friends over the years. We recently had a look at some of their Google reviews and thought you’d like to see what they think of us. I mean it’s all well and good us talking about how amazing we are but wouldn’t you rather know what our clients say?


1. We’re enthusiastic and fun


“...positive and supportive, pushing me just enough 

to get the most out of each [session].”


We like to think of your KBPT training session as more than just an hour of exercise – it’s a chance to chat, laugh, get motivated and learn how to love yourself more. So, yes, all our trainers are super-positive! We want you to leave each session feeling like you’ve pushed yourself but with a massive smile on your face.


2. We’re tough (but never mean!)


“The workouts... are tough and challenging but they are so much fun 

and I made a friend in the process.”


If you’ve invested your time and money in personal training sessions, that means you’re serious about getting fit. So, there’s no point having a trainer who lets you take a rest every few seconds! We’re definitely not shouty or mean but we will make you work hard. We like to think of ourselves as just the right amount of tough.


3. We’re knowledgeable


“Both my trainers have excellent knowledge and training 

and are able to adapt those to my personal training needs.”


Everyone on the KBPT team is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and we’re committed to continuous development. Our specialisms include strength training, nutrition advice, triathlon training, weight loss and rehabilitation training. Following your initial consultation, we try to match you with the right personal trainer for you and then tailor your sessions to suit your needs – for example, if you’re pregnant or recovering from illness or injury. 


4. We do virtual training and we do it well


“I’ve been training ‘virtually’ for around 4 months now and honestly I’m not sure I’ll go back to ‘in person’. I get all of the focus, effort and impact from the training as usual – but without the travel time!”


Even before COVID-19, we were training lots of our clients on FaceTime and Skype. Trust us, you get just as much from one of our virtual sessions as you do face-to-face. All you need is your device, a mat and some free weights, such as a kettlebell. You get all the benefits of KBPT without having to leave your living room – perfect!


5. We get results 


“I feel fitter, stronger and happier since starting my programme. 

It’s been a life-saver during lockdown.”


One of the best things about our job is seeing our clients get fantastic results. With our personalised training plan, we’ll get you motivated, healthier and fitter. Whether you haven’t exercised for a while or you’re super fit and training for a particular challenge, we can help you to smash your goals.


Find out more about our specialisms Personal Training Classes - Hackney and Virtual Training. If you’d like a chat with our founder Kate, drop her an email at [email protected].

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