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Five oat snacks to try

Oats are among the most popular grain foods as they are so healthy and delicious. Not only are they gluten free but they are packed with all the good stuff like vitamins, minerals and fibre and antioxidants. Studies have shown oats have many health benefits which include weight loss, lower blood sugar levels and a reduced risk of heart disease. 


We have listed four oat snacks to try:


Graze protein bites are a popular vegan snack combining rich cocoa with whole rolled oats and mixed seeds. With lots of different flavours available, you will never get bored eating these tasty bites. They are sold in all the big supermarkets so it's an easy snack to have on the go.


Oat and hazelnut cookies which we featured as a Foodie Friday back in March (check out the post!) is a delicious snack or treat to enjoy. The combination of oats and hazelnuts are super tasty, and these are very filling. If you would like to go for an even healthier option, then just leave out the chocolate. Either way, these cookies should be on your radar as a must-try. 


Oatmeal brownies seem naughty, but they aren’t too bad as you can make them with wholegrains, and they are naturally sweetened. Still thick and fudgy and tasting like normal brownies, these are packed with fibre, protein and are refined sugar free. 


Oatmeal energy balls are a simple, guilt-free energy hit and the perfect snack. Full of nutrients and high in fibre, minerals, and vitamins, they help us keep healthy and feeling our best. 

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