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Five healthy snacks you can buy

Graze protein bites are a popular vegan snack combining rich cocoa with whole rolled oats and mixed seeds. With lots of different flavours available you will never get bored eating these tasty bites. They are sold in all the big supermarkets so its an easy snack on the go.

Nakd bars are a well known healthy snack available in 15 different flavours. All these tasty bars are made with 100% natural ingredients , 100% of the time. Whether you prefer fruit and nut or oat bars these are for everyone as they are gluten free, diary free and vegan. 

Bounce snacks are delicious and sold in almost every big supermarket. You can get 4 different types of snacks including bounce balls, bounce bites, breakfast bars and pick and mix. Popular for their protein bites this is defiantly a snack to always have in your bag. How do you bounce?

Deliciously Ella Cacao and Almond energy balls are a chewy  chocolatey blend of cacao , almonds and dates all mixed together to form a ball. This energy ball is a source of copper which contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism. YUM

Eat natural bars are a tasty snack offering 22 different flavours with a vegan bar being the latest addition. These are great for when you need a boost of energy to keep you going whilst. being healthy at the same time. A fan favourite.  

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