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Fallen off the workout wagon? It’s time to get back on.

It happens to everyone. One month, you’re super stoked about exercise and getting up early to run, cycle or do a bit of yoga. The next month, you can’t even remember where your gym kit is or what HIIT stands for. The most important thing to remember is, it’s OK to start again. 


We know from working with our KBPT clients that staying motivated can be the hardest thing when you’re trying to get fitter and healthier. Many of them tell us that having a personal trainer really helps because it makes them accountable and that they always feel better after they have trained with us. 


But even if you don’t have weekly KBPT sessions, there are lots of things you can do to get back on the workout wagon. And, with spring here and lockdown being eased, you should be able to get out and about more.


Write down your goals


There are lots of reasons to exercise but what exactly do you want to achieve? How much time can you commit to your fitness routine each week? What tools can you use to help you stay motivated?


Make sure your goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based). For example, you might aim to ‘Do 10,000 steps every day this month’ or ‘Use my yoga app at least twice a week’.


Keep revisiting your goals list over time. As you get stronger and fitter, you might want to change them so that they stretch you more.


Get more tips in our KBPT blog about building healthy new habits. 


Plan your workouts


Try to think of your fitness routine the same way you do other things in your life. You book work calls and social events in advance, so why not do this for your workouts too? Here are a few suggestions to keep you on track.


  • Buddy up: How about arranging to meet a friend for a walk, run, bike ride or other outdoor workout? You’ll be less likely to postpone if you know you’re letting someone else down and you’ll have fun exercising together. 


  • Hire a personal trainer: If you need extra motivation and accountability, working with a KBPT trainer is a great option. We’ll give you a bespoke training plan, with either outdoor or online PT sessions, so that you can soon smash your goals.


  • Book a class/session: Once gyms and leisure centres open again, you might like to get a few things booked in. Try to find something you enjoy so that you look forward to going – whether that’s a spin class, a swim or a game of squash.


If you need some inspiration for exercises you can do at home, check out @KBPT’s #WorkoutWednesday posts on Instagram.


Be kind to yourself


Getting into a regular exercise routine takes determination. When you’re busy or you simply don’t feel like it, try to remember what the long-term benefits will be – both physically and emotionally. 


You might also find it useful to incorporate some self-care into your workouts so that the whole experience becomes something you really enjoy. You could...


  • Create a playlist for your workouts – something upbeat if you’re going for a run and more chilled for yoga
  • Take a hot shower or bath straight after you’ve exercised
  • Sit in the park for a few minutes after your morning run/walk – look up at the sky,  listen to the birds, wiggle your toes in the grass
  • Really pay attention to your breathing while you’re doing yoga
  • Write down in your journal how you feel when you exercise (exhilarated? happy? tired?)


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