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Living in Spain and working as an accountant, Eva decided to pack up her bags and move to London,12 years later and she’s still here, thankfully, our weather didn’t put her off! 

Just before leaving for London, Eva was involved in a motorcycle accident where she suffered several injuries to her neck, back and knee. Whilst working as a Personal Assistant for families and studying to be a Maternity Nurse, she struggled with the pain from her accident and so she embarked on rehabilitating herself starting with yoga classes and moving on to create her own strength training programme. She was amazed by the change in her body shape over time and, most importantly, she was pain free! This whole experience made her realise that exercise was a choice for life and by studying to be a Personal Trainer she could bring her passion and belief in the power of exercise to others. 

Qualifications: Level 3 Personal Trainer, Pre-Natal Trainer and Post-Natal Trainer

Trained in: Weight Loss TrainingStrength TrainingPrenatal TrainingPostnatal TrainingNutrition for Pre/Post Natal, Weight Management Nutrition AdviceNutrition for Sport and ExerciseCore TrainerFunctional Trainer, Sandbag Training, Medicine ball Training, Swiss Ball Training, Ladder Training, TRX Trainer and Indoor Cycling Trainer

Eva Maria Martinez Tamayo Personal Trainer in London
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