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Client on the month

Massive congratulations to Blaine and Natasha for winning client of the month for October. Blaine and Natasha started training in April and the difference in them now is incredible. Blaine had been out of an exercise regime due to a back injury and tight ITB for almost a year when he came to KBPT and now he is training for a marathon! He has become a complete machine sticking to PT twice a week, running 3 times a week and balancing out with yoga. We have worked hard on strengthening his glutes and lower abs/core to protect his back as well as foam rolling post long runs for ITB. He is now running 21 min 5k's at parkrun and is on the second half of a marathon plan. Natasha was not too up for PT when we did the first session - Blaine persuaded her into the sessions! This makes it even more rewarding to see the change in Natasha. Due to a knee injury Natasha couldn't do high impact exercise but now after strengthening she is doing burpees and other high impact exercises. We have worked a lot on Natashas core and she can now do the plank for a minute holding correct form. Natasha struggles with migraines when she exercises - a lot of people would give up but her persistence has been amazing not letting it stop her from reaching her goals. Natasha has been training twice a week and going to yoga. We have also been doing work on Natashas posture which has been slowly improving over the last few months. The couple have also changed their nutrition adding in more fruit and veg and being a lot more aware of what they are putting into their bodies. Six months in and it's like training different people - well done guys we are so proud of you.
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