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Client of the month: Tabitha

Motivational Monday: Client of the month for February is the inspirational Tabitha. Tabitha came to us in July 2017, shortly after finishing surgery for breast cancer and still going through treatment, including radiotherapy. The goal was to build up her fitness to the level it was prior to diagnosis, when she was a keen kickboxer. ... Training started slowly but steadily as energy levels were low and with the surgery there is a risk of lymphedema. Despite this, Tabitha continued with the sessions and has managed to maintain her measurements and even see reductions in the right arm, which is fab as the drugs she was given can cause weight gain. ... She has increased sit ups from 15 to 20 and can hold a kneeling plank for 60 seconds (from zero) and her cardio has improved loads: She can now do 57 star jumps in a minute, whereas initially she couldn’t do any high impact cardio because of the surgery. ... As well as continuing PT and walking her 2 dogs, Tabitha has returned to her kickboxing classes and is looking at joining a running group. Going through something major like breast cancer, getting through it and getting your health and fitness back is a huge achievement, there’s no stopping Tabitha, she’s an inspiration! image1
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