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Client of the month: January

This months client of the month goes to KBPT trainer Sarahs client Nadine. Nadine started training with KBPT in August and has just done her first 6 months of PT. She has shown a real dedication to her fitness and increased her PT sessions to 2 a week.  Her strength has increased and she has increased the weights she is using in her exercises. This also shows in her fitness tests. Her first plank was 16 seconds and she can now hold the plank for a full minute. She has increased the amount of press ups she can do in a minute and gone from not being able to do one burpee and to doing 13 in a minute. Nadine’s stamina has also increased, she continuously pushes herself and isn't afraid of lifting heavier or for working for longer periods of time.  Nadine has also had weight loss results - losing from her legs, hips and arms. Now she has her fitness on track nutrition is going to be her goal for 2020 - we can't wait to see where you end up at the end of this year. GO NADINE!

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