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Cassie Checkley

  • In Cassie's pre PT life she worked as a visual merchandiser and in administration. This is great for me as her paperwork is neater than mine!  Cassie joined KBPT fresh from qualifying and watching her grow into the amazing personal trainer that she is has made me really happy.  Cassie has a very warm and friendly personality, she has the ability to make you feel like you have known her for years in five mins. She is kind, generous and cares for her clients individually.  Hiding underneath Cassie's pretty and girly exterior is a strength and courage that I admire enormously. She constantly challenges herself and always comes out on top. One of the best things I've seen Cassie do is train from scratch and compete in a boxing match. I was shaking with nerves watching her. She won all three rounds, she absolutely nailed it, I couldn't have been more proud.  Cassie always has an extreme challenge she is working towards be it Tough Guy, cycling the Alps, running a marathon, Tough Mudder... As well as these challenges she loves eating good food, drinking good wine and cocktails.  I can't believe I found Cassie through Gumtree, I didn't only get an amazing trainer for my team but also a really great friend.
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