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Cancer Recovery Training

Cancer Recovery Training

If you’ve had a cancer diagnosis, we can help you to get gentle exercise back in your life.

What is Cancer Recovery Training?

We work with you to create a personal training plan that you can follow during cancer treatment and as you move forward. At such a challenging time, our KBPT trainers will focus on both your physical recovery and your mental wellbeing. We can train you in our studio or, if your immune system is low, we’re very happy to come to your home.

Why is exercise good for you during and after cancer?

There are no general UK guidelines about this but several studies have shown that exercise is safe and helpful for many people with cancer. Please check with your doctor before starting any physical exercise. The benefits of following a cancer recovery programme with our personal trainers include:

  • Helping you to feel better and able to enjoy a better quality of life
  • Speeding up recovery after your treatment
  • Reducing stress and giving you more energy 
  • Lifting your mood so you feel less anxious or depressed
  • Reducing fatigue – regular exercise can help to combat tiredness and feeling weak
  • Protecting you against osteoporosis
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