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Boxing blog

Get those gloves on! Boxing is a fantastic way to exercise – it works your whole body and it’s great fun at the same time. 

What does boxing training involve?

Boxing with your trainer is the ultimate full body workout. Legs, hips, glutes, core, obliques, back, shoulders, chest, arms – you use them all. We can do boxing training in our KBPT studio, in your home or in the park.  We bring the equipment, you bring the punches.

Why do KBPT personal trainers think boxing is good exercise?

Punching against resistance causes all your muscles to contract with more force and speed, helping to develop your strength and power. We like to include it in our personal training sessions because it:

•  Is a great stress reliever (Bad day in the office? Punch it out!)

•  Helps to strengthen your muscles and increase muscle tone

•  Builds strong bones and ligaments

•  Increases cardiovascular fitness

•  Improves muscles endurance and core stability

•  Boosts your confidence and self esteem

•  Is an effective exercise for burning fat

•  Improves your reflexes and eye-hand co-ordination

•  Gives you self-defence skills

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