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Box clever this Autumn

If you were inspired by TeamGB’s Lauren Price who won gold at the Tokyo Olympics, you might be wondering how you can weave some boxing moves into your workouts. 


Here at KBPT, we know how good boxing is for both body and mind – and you don’t even need to go to the gym or a boxercise class to do it. If we’re training you in person in East London, we can provide boxing gloves and pads. And, if you’re doing mobile PT with us from home, we can include some shadow boxing in your routine.


So, what are the main fitness benefits of boxing?


1. Full body workout


Hooks, jabs, crosses... when you box, you don’t just use the muscles in your arms and shoulders, you also use your core, back and legs to drive your punches. It’s a great cardio workout that gets your heart pumping and burns calories – and it can even help to make your bones and joints stronger. 


2. Balance and posture


Because you have to keep shifting your weight and changing position when you’re boxing, it’s a really good way to improve your balance. Plus, developing a stronger core and back through boxing is good for your posture. 


3. Hand-eye coordination


As a child, you probably did lots of things to improve your hand-eye coordination but how often do you do this as an adult? In boxing, you need to be able to react quickly so that you can hit your target whilst also moving around. Professional boxers often use ball exercises and skipping to train their brains and improve their reflexes.


4. Endurance


Because boxing training provides a full body workout and strengthens your muscles, it can help to increase your overall endurance. If your heart and lungs work better (i.e. pumping more blood and oxygen around your body) and your muscles are stronger, you should be able to go for longer when you’re running, cycling and doing other activities too.


5. Mental wellbeing


Looking for a way to switch off and relieve stress? When you’re boxing, you need to really concentrate on your moves and be present in the moment. Boxing can also give you a rush of feel-good endorphins and help to relieve any muscle tension you have. Plus, feeling stronger and healthier can boost your self-esteem and confidence.


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