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Blog: What could a personal trainer do for you?

Here at KBPT, we’re experts in all kinds of fitness. We push our clients harder than they would themselves (but without being intimidating!). Our studio provides a safe space with the best equipment. We tailor our PT sessions so everyone gets the most out of them. We’re down to earth and fun but with a steely determination to get the people of East London fitter and healthier.

But of course we’re going to tell you that having a personal trainer is a good thing :) So we thought we’d let some of our lovely KBPT clients do the talking...

“I have never felt so strong and so fit and we have never focused on ‘losing weight’ or ‘calories’... Kate is a joy to train with – fun, positive, upbeat and practical. She pushes me but also sets realistic and achievable goals.”


“KBPT have been amazing: kind, encouraging and just the right amount of tough.” 


“Helen has helped me enormously getting my fitness back. She always has new routines so it is never boring and has infectiously positive attitude." 


“They are excellent PTs, who devise imaginative and extremely effective programmes.” 


“KBPT is great if you want to kick-start a fitness programme my trainer is awesome, so positive and encouraging.” 


If you’re considering working with a personal trainer, we recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

      1. Why do I think I need a trainer?

      2. What are my goals?

      3. How much time do I have for PT sessions and exercising in-between?

      4. Would I rather train in a studio, at home or outside?

      5. How much can I afford to spend?

      6. How committed am I?

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