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Blog: How to maintain your fitness over the festive season.

It’s December. Your diary is chock-full of work parties and nights out with your mates.
There are mince pies in the kitchen at work and a bottle of prosecco at home with your
name on it. Plus, you’ve got loads of end-of-year deadlines to hit before the holidays. So,
how do you keep up with your workouts and healthy eating at this busy time?

KBPT founder, Kate, offers her top tips for maintaining your fitness this month. Of course,
this is the season to be jolly so don’t feel too guilty if things go a bit awry.

Tip 1: Be committed
It’s really easy to write off a few weeks at this time of the year but if you have the right
mental attitude, you can stay on track. Set yourself some goals (it’s a good idea to write
them down) and be positive about your ability to achieve them. Imagine how great you’ll
feel on New Year’s Day when you’ve stuck to them!

Tip 2: Have a routine
Even if you can’t get out for a run or go to the gym as often or for as long as usual, some
exercise is better than nothing. I suggest putting your workouts in your diary and getting a
friend involved too (the same way you do with those nights out!) so you’re less likely to
cancel. If you’re too busy in the evenings, why not exercise before work or at lunchtime? If
you’ve only got 30 minutes, how about trying a HIIT class?

Tip 3: Save calories
I love a mince pie as much as the next person... but I also know how easy it is to go a bit
crazy with food and drink at this time of the year. I recommend having a healthy, filling
breakfast to get you off to a good start in the morning. To save calories, you might want to
avoid the trimmings (brandy butter, we’re talking about you...) and the super-sized
chocolate boxes. I also suggest sticking to standard measures of wine rather than creamy,
calorific cocktails.

Ask your KBPT trainer for more advice about staying fit and healthy over the festive season.

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