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Blog: How to lower your blood pressure.

Exercise can be as effective as medication at lowering blood pressure, according to research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine*. Regular physical activity, such as running, cycling, swimming or training with KBPT, can make your heart stronger and help your blood to flow more easily.

If you have high blood pressure, you could be at risk of heart disease, stroke and other serious health conditions so it’s important that you take steps to lower it. In terms of lifestyle changes, the NHS recommends that you:

  • have a generally healthy diet

  • reduce the amount of salt you consume

  • lose weight (if you’re overweight)

  • exercise regularly

  • cut down on caffeine

  • stop smoking

So, about the exercise... how about starting with some gentle aerobic movement? Even something as simple as a brisk 10-minute walk a few times a week can make a big difference. Once you’re comfortable with that, you could move on to jogging, go for a bike ride or do a few lengths at the swimming pool. 

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is also a good way to lower your blood pressure – you’ll alternate short, intense bursts of exercise (such as burpees and mountain climbers) with periods of lower intensity activity or rest. Just make sure that whatever you do becomes a regular routine.

If you have high blood pressure – or if you simply want to reduce your risk of getting it later in life – speak to your GP about the kind of exercise you should be doing then get in touch with us so that one of our KBPT trainers can create the right training plan for you. 


Find out more on the NHS website 


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