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Blog: How to choose the right running shoes.

It’s absolutely vital that you pick the right shoes for running, especially if it’s a regular part
of your personal training programme. But there’s a lot to think about... Do you have wide
feet? Do they roll inward (overpronate)? What surface do you normally run on? How far do
you like to run? What’s your budget?
Fortunately, there’s lots you can do to help you make the right decision. Here are our top
• If you run mostly on pavements around London (and especially if you run long
distances), go for road shoes that have more cushioning. If you prefer heading to the
countryside for your runs, trail shoes are the best option.
• Make the most of video technology and get your gait analysed. Specialist running stores
and other sports shops can analyse your feet, ankles and knees while you’re running
and suggest exactly the right shoes for you.
• Always try out your running shoes before you buy them. You’re spending a lot of money,
so ask the retailer if you can take them for a test run outside the shop or on a treadmill if
they have one.
• We confess, we’ve all fallen for running shoes because of how cool they look. But it’s not
a good idea. Brand names and colour trends are far less important than fit and
• Finally, don’t forget your socks. Go for proper running socks, which have extra padding
and support, rather than cotton socks that retain moisture. Nobody wants a painful blister
at the end of a great run.
Having done marathons, triathlons, 10ks and Tough Mudders, your KBPT trainers know
how important it is to wear the right shoes. Think comfort over fashion and always go to a
running specialist for their advice.
Get expert guidance on choosing the right shoes on the Runners Need shoes on the Runners Need website
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