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Blog: Healthy Christmas snacks.

Vegan gingerbread cookies are a tasty snack and Christmas tradition most of us grew up eating. With the reputation of a naughty treat, you can still indulge in these cookies but with healthier recipes. Vegan gingerbread cookies are a great alternative to bake if vegan or wanting to be a little more health conscious over the holidays.

Coconut and chocolate protein balls are simply the guilt-free energy hit and the perfect snack. Full of nutrients and is high in protein, healthy carbs, fats, and fibre. As protein balls are super versatile other popular combinations include chestnut and ginger or Christmas spiced protein truffles. YUM

Carrot and apple mince pies are a healthier spin on the famous mince pies. We have all been guilty of eating to many of these over the Christmas holidays but hey it wouldn’t be Christmas without them. So this is a healthier alternative to enjoy this year and they are easy to make whilst being packed with fruit and veg oh and did I mention are sugar free?

Chestnut and mushroom tarts and the perfect appetiser or canapé to start off your Christmas evening. Packed with delicious flavour that comes from the chestnuts you will probably want to enjoy these any time of the year. Very easy to make and can be made vegan if you use vegan puff pastry.

Roast butternut squash hummus is a healthy snack to enjoy at any upcoming Christmas event. Adding to the flavour of hummus , butternut squash is taking this fan favourite dish to the next level. The main ingredients include chickpeas , garlic, tahini, butternut squash and cinnamon. Fresh butternut squash is recommended as it will really brings out the flavour especially when as its roasted.

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