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Blog: Five tricks for dealing with a hangover.

We saw a funny meme last week that summed up our feelings about festive drinking. It said: “The best cure for a hangover is being under the age of 25”. 

In fact, there’s a scientific reason for hangovers getting worse with age – it’s to do with the enzymes in our livers (which help to process alcohol) not being as efficient the older we get. 

So, if you can’t wind back the years (or even the hours since you grabbed that comfy seat in your local :), why not use KBPT’s tried-and-tested methods for hacking your hangover?


Alcohol dehydrates you so make sure you drink lots of water as soon as you get home and the following morning. You could also try an electrolyte-laden sports drink, a glass of fruit juice or some soothing broth. If you feel sick, a cup of ginger tea might help.

2. Eat the right food

You might be craving a bacon sarnie but a banana, avocado or kiwi is a much better option as they’re a great source of potassium. Or how about some eggs (they’re rich in amino acids and B12) or some porridge to give you an energy boost? If you can’t face much at all, go for some dry wholemeal toast.

3. Do Yoga

Whilst we wouldn’t recommend an hour-long cardio session, gentle exercise, such as yoga, can help to get your blood pumping and speed up your hangover recovery. Roll out your yoga mat, take a deep breath and start with some easy moves. 

4. Go outside

You can’t beat a bit of fresh air when you’re feeling rough. Wrap up warm and head out for a wander around your local park – and don’t forget to take your water bottle with you. Walking will help your body to process the alcohol and get rid of the toxins, plus it’ll get your endorphins flowing.

5. Sleep it off

If all else fails, go back to bed and sleep off that thumping headache and dodgy tummy. Time is the best cure for a hangover, so why not spend it zzzzzzzing under the covers?


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