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Blog: Five indoor sports you can do in London this winter.

Whilst it’s important to have a regular fitness routine, it’s also good to change things up sometimes. So, this winter, why not try out a new sport? Here’s KBPT’s top five indoor sports for Londoners...


Squash is considered to be one of the healthiest sports – sprinting around a 9m x 7m court is great for calorie burn, cardio endurance and muscular strength. Check whether your local leisure centre or gym has squash courts. And don’t worry if you’ve not played before or if you’re a bit rusty, there will probably be beginners’ sessions or box leagues you can take part in. To find your nearest courts, visit the England Squash website. 


Swimming is a great low impact exercise and is particularly useful if you’re recovering from injury. You’ll get a full body workout – a gentle 30-minute swim burns around 200 calories – and it’s also a good way to de-stress. There are hundreds of swimming pools across London, including lots of lidos if you feel like braving the cold! Why not go for a swim at the London Aquatics Centre [hyperlink to or London Fields Lido this weekend?

Rock climbing

If you’re looking for a full body workout, rock climbing is a fantastic option. You’ll use your upper body to grip the wall, your core to stabilise yourself and your legs to provide that all-important support. As a result, you’ll build your strength, balance and co-ordination – plus, rock climbing is known to improve the connection between your body and your mind. Check out  the climbing walls at Yonder in Walthamstow and The Castle in Stoke Newington. 


Dodgeball is a high intensity team sport that is growing in popularity. You’ll improve your agility and balance, use lots of different muscles and need good hand-eye co-ordination – and you’ll sweat, lots! If you want to play regularly, why not join a club or social league? There are plenty of opportunities around London – search on Go Mammoth or British Dodgeball .

Table tennis

If you haven’t played since school, perhaps it’s time to pick up the ping pong bat again. Bars like Bounce  have given the sport a boost – yes, you can play against your mates whilst enjoying a Mojito! Table tennis has lots of health benefits. It’s fast so you’ll improve your reflexes and stimulate your brain, it’s easy on the joints and it’s great for co-ordination. Right, we’re off to practice our topspin...

Speak to your KBPT trainer about the benefits of other sports, such as tennis, netball and cycling.

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