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Blog: Five healthy vegan breakfast.

Chia pudding is a simple dish that is perfect for busy mornings. You can make it the night before and leave it in the fridge ready to grab and go as you rush out the door. Chia pudding is super versatile with different ingredients and variations.


Coconut yoghurt and granola is a fan favourite and super easy to make. Its best to make a big batch of granola so you can use throughout the week. A great healthy breakfast.


Avocado on toast is a simple yet nutritious breakfast. Avocados offer nearly 20 vitamins and minerals in every serving they are also low in sugar and contain fibre. Accompanied by a nice piece of grainy toast. YUM


Vegan Shakshuka is a yummy breakfast dish accompanied by some nice sourdough bread.  The shakshuka is a thick tomato-based dish that is perfect for colder weather. The leftover sauce can also be used as a pasta sauce, simply warm it up in a pan.


A Vegan fry up is a take on the classic english breakfast it includes vegan sausages, hash browns , scrambled tofu , roasts tomatoes and mushrooms. A yummy dish to enjoy on the weekends.

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