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Blog: Exercise on the go

These days life is quite busy.  Some jobs mean long commutes, others mean travelling for work.  Then on top of that there is weekends away, holidays etc.  So how can you keep fit while you are on the go the whole time?  The key thing is to be organised and forward plan.  If you don't plan it is way more likely not to happen.  Here are some of my top tips of how to try to keep up your exercise regime when you are on the go!


1. If you are going to visit family or going away with work is there anywhere that does fitness classes you can go to.  Or is there a leisure centre?  Have a look and pre book your classes in advance so you don't miss them.

2. If you are away with work who is in charge of booking your hotel?  Can you book one with a gym?  If you can book a hotel with a gym you can workout around your work commitments.

3. Make a list of some workout videos you would like to do.  We have lots of different workout videos on youtube you can save a few links andmake up your own workout

4. If you think you don't have the motivation to organise your own workout we can book you some Skype PT this can be done from anywhere - home, hotel room, hotel gym.

5. If you are going on holiday have a look for activities you can do.  Maybe pack some goggles for sea swims, take a sarong, do a workout or some yoga on the beach.  Can you hire bikes or surf or SUP boards?  There are always lots of activities to do on holiday if you have a look around.


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