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Blog: Autumn motivation.

Where does the time go? One minute we’re getting excited about a summer full of sunny beach days and awesome festivals, the next we’re digging out our winter coat and counting the days until Christmas!

If you struggle to motivate yourself to exercise at this time of the year, we get it. Going out for a run or a bike ride is so much harder when it’s cold and dark outside. This isn’t the time to hang up your exercise gear and hibernate though – instead, use the next few months to boost your energy, strengthen your immune system and smash your fitness goals!

Here’s KBPT’s advice to get you through the Autumn

Make sure you wear the right gear. If you get wet, you’ll lose body heat quicker than normal so choose kit that wicks away moisture. It’s also a good idea to layer up. Wear a lightweight waterproof jacket if it’s raining and grab your gloves and hat – you can always take them off once you’ve got going. Wear bright, reflective clothing and ditch your headphones if you’re out after dark.

It’s really important that you warm up properlyas you’re more likely to get an injury when it’s colder outside. Starting off with some stretches and light aerobic exercise, such as a brisk walk or star jumps, will make a big difference.

Don’t forget to protect your skinSlap on some moisturiser, sunscreen and SPF lip balm as UV rays can still damage your skin when it’s overcast. 

Even if you don’t feel thirsty when you exercise on colder days, you’re still losing fluids – stay hydratedby taking your water bottle so you can have a drink on the go. 

When you get home, make sure you do your stretches to help your body recover quickly. Don’t rush them, they should take at least five minutes. Then get out of your kit and jump in a warm shower. Bliss!

Finally, why not set yourself a targetfor the Autumn months? If you’re a beginner runner, aim for a 5k Parkrun. If you’re more experienced, you might consider signing up for a half or full marathon.

KBPT is here to keep you motivated whatever the weather!  Ask your trainer for more tips and support.

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