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Blog- 5 reasons you should exercise with a friend

With such busy lives, it can be hard to find the time to fit everything in. So, why not combine two of our favourite things: catching up with mates and doing some exercise!

In between your personal training sessions, your KBPT trainer will recommend other workouts you can do. Here are five great reasons doing them with your BFF is the way forward.

1.  You won’t cancel on your friend

It’s much easier to stick to a plan when someone else is involved. No way will you call and cancel your run or gym class just because you don’t feel like it if you know it will leave your mate in the lurch.

2.  Get fit while you get the gossip

Such an effective use of time... you can catch up on all their work/life/love news (and discuss the latest binge-worthy Netflix series, of course!) while getting healthier and fitter. It’s amazing how much quicker an hour goes by when you’re having a natter with your mate.

3.  The perfect training buddy

Feel embarrassed doing burpees in the park on your own? Having a friend there will give you the confidence to do whatever you want to do. You could even partner up to do some exercises together, like medicine ball passes or boxing.

4. Motivate each other

If you’re training for an event or just want to see improvements in your fitness, friends can be great motivators. Ask them to time you or check your form. Who knows, you might soon be signing up for that 10k or Tough Mudder together...

5.  Post-exercise celebrations

Once you’re done with your run, class or ride, why stop there? Reward each other with brunch, dinner or a few drinks. You’ve worked hard, you deserve it :)

Now, call your bestie and get those workout dates in the diary! 

Don’t forget our ‘Refer a friend’ scheme. 

If your friend signs up for a 10 block at KBPT, you get a free session.

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