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25 May
Bow food blog:
Have you discovered Bow?
23 May
Strength Training Blog
What is strength training ?
18 May
Five healthy snacks you can buy
Graze protein bites are a popular vegan snack combining rich cocoa with whole rolled oats and mixed seeds. With lots of different flavours available
17 May
Foodie Friday - Strawberry and Banana smoothie
This smoothie is so quick, simple and yummy!! Great as a breakfast or a snack.
15 May
Rehabilitation Training Advice
Have you injured yourself while running or playing sport? Got an ongoing medical issue such as arthritis...
11 May
Cambridge Heath Blog
Love shack is a funky vegan cafe located in the heart of Cambridge Heath. With hammocks , bean bags...
09 May
Weight Loss Training
Here at KBPT, our personal trainers promote body confidence and a balanced lifestyle – everything in moderation.
04 May
Client of the month
Client of the month goes to KBPT trainer Kates client Claire.  Claire has been training with KBPT for over five years...
04 May
Hackney Downs Park
Hackney Downs is a park in the lower Clapton and West Hackney Area, it is one of Hackneys major green spaces.
03 May
Foodie Friday - Summer rolls
These are versatile dish and super easy! Great for summer 
01 May
KBPT By The Sea
As some of you may know three years ago I gave up my flat in Hackney and moved to Braunton in North Devon.
27 Apr
Boxing blog
Get those gloves on! Boxing is a fantastic way to exercise – it works your whole body and it’s great fun at the same time. 
26 Apr
Foodie Friday-Turkey Burgers
Toast the bun on grill for a few minutes. Once patties are cooked add all ingredients onto bun and ENJOY!
24 Apr
Marathon Check List
The hard work of months of training is done.  Here are some tips for helping your marathon run smoothly on the day.
20 Apr
Victoria Park food blog
Pavilion cafe is a popular cafe located area the lake in Victoria park. Not only is it a beautiful setting but healthy food is on offer. Serving up avocado on toast, eggs anyway you like it , daily sandwiches and fresh baked goods.
19 Apr
Foodie Friday – Apple and courgette muffins
While the muffins cook make the oats toppings. Place all ingredients into a food processor until a sticky paste is formed.
16 Apr
Stoke Newington Food Blog
Good egg is a very popular cafe in stoke Newington. Well known for their middle eastern flare you will leave here very satisfied. From aubergine pitas to shakshuka this is the place to be for breakfast. 
13 Apr
Rebounding Training
We’re not talking somersaults, but you’ll certainly be jumping around during your rebounding.
12 Apr
Foodie Friday - Banana and Berry smoothie bowl
Pour smoothie into bowl and top with berries and seeds.
10 Apr
Post Natal Training
Exercise might be the last thing you want to do when you’re looking after a newborn but it’s got so many benefits for both your body and mind.
05 Apr
Foodie Friday: Chocolate coconut protein balls
Line a baking tray and roll the mixture into balls. Use the coconut oil to grease your hands so the mixtures doesn’t stick to your hands. 
25 Mar
Motivational Monday- Always push through, you got this
Some days she has no idea how she'll do it. But every single day it still gets done !
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