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13 Nov
13 Nov
Workout Wednesday: Bosu Ab workout.
Start off doing each exercise for 30 secs and build up to a min.
09 Nov
Blog: Five trendy cafes in Hackney.
Not sure where to go for breakfast?
08 Nov
06 Nov
Blog: Mindfulness.
What is mindfulness?
02 Nov
02 Nov
Client of the month.
This months client of the month goes to KBPT trainer Helens client Sarah. 
01 Nov
30 Oct
28 Oct
Blog: Client of the month.
Client of the month for October goes to KBPT trainer Eleanor's client Mariyam
26 Oct
Blog: Five foods that will give you Vitamin C
Are you getting enough vitamin C in your diet?
25 Oct
23 Oct
Blog: Fresh air, fresh motivation.
We’ve listed our top five places for outdoor workouts within an hour of the KBPT studio.
19 Oct
16 Oct
Workout Wednesday: Glute workout.
Start off doing each exercise for 30 secs and build up to a min.
15 Oct
Blog: Natural ways to relieve your PMS symptoms.
What can you do to help you get through it?
12 Oct
11 Oct
Foodie Friday: Layered breakfast smoothie.
A healthy breakfast in a glass.
09 Oct
Blog: Autumn motivation.
Here’s KBPT’s advice to get you through the Autumn.
05 Oct
Blog: Five places for healthy breakfast in Dalston.
Looking for a healthy breakfast in Dalston?
04 Oct
Foodie Friday: Sourdough Bruschetta.
A simple yet delicious dish, served as a side or main.
02 Oct
Workout Wednesday: Medicine Ball workout.
30 secs each exercise and build up to a min, 4 times round.
01 Oct
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