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08 Apr
Blog: Mindfulness
Why writing things down is good for you.
03 Apr
Foodie Friday: Quinoa patties.
Serve hot with pita and salad.
02 Apr
Blog: Healthy places to eat in Haggerston.
Check out these cool places!
01 Apr
Workout Wednesday: Core Workout.
Start off doing each exercise for 30 secs and build up to a min.
27 Mar
Foodie Friday: Greek salad.
A simple dish served as a main or as a side dish. 
25 Mar
Blog: Coronavirus: Helping you to feel more in control.
Coronavirus is impacting every aspect of our lives.
20 Mar
Foodie Friday: Mediterranean vegetable salad.
A simple salad, great as a side dish or a light main.
18 Mar
11 Mar
Blog: How to lower your blood pressure.
Wondering how you can lower your blood pressure?
06 Mar
Foodie Friday: Blueberry Compote.
A quick easy breakfast.
04 Mar
Workout Wednesday: Vipr Ab workout.
It's Workout Wednesday time!
04 Mar
Blog: Five delicious yoghurt bowls to make or breakfast.
Looking for some breakfast Inspiration?
28 Feb
Foodie Friday: Chilli bean.
A twist on a classic dish.
27 Feb
Client of the month.
Foe february
26 Feb
Blog: What could a personal trainer do for you?
What could a personal trainer do for you?
19 Feb
Blog: 5 dairy free alternatives.
Looking for some dairy free products to try?
14 Feb
12 Feb
Blog: Love the skin your in.
Body confidence is so important.
07 Feb
Foodie Friday: Banana Smoothie
Breakfast on the go.
05 Feb
Blog: Six low-carb veggies to include in your diet.
If you're looking for a low-carb diet then vegetables are a great source of fibre.
05 Feb
Workout Wednesday:Kettlebell workout.
This Wednesday we have a kettlebell workout
31 Jan
Foodie Friday: Smashed avocado and tomato on toast.
A super quick and healthy breakfast of lunch.
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