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Banish the winter workout blues

We know. It’s so much nicer to go out for a run, bike ride or PT session in the park when the sun is shining. So, as we head into the colder months, how can you stay motivated? KBPT’s all-female personal training team is here to help you stay on track whatever the weather.


Tip #1: Set goals

Having goals is vital when you’re trying to get fitter and healthier – but there’s a knack to it. You have to choose a goal that really matters to you, that stretches you and that will inspire you to change. Then, consider the various steps you need to take each day to reach that goal. This might be small changes to start with (e.g. go for a 30 minute walk every morning). You might find the SMART method helpful – make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based.


Tip #2: Warm up and cool down

Doing a proper warm-up helps you to avoid injury, aches and pains and it’s even more important when it’s only a few degrees outside. Do some jogging on the spot, star jumps, torso twists and lunges. And don’t forget to cool down too. Reduce the intensity in the last few minutes of your workout and do some stretches when you get home, then slide into a warm bath... ahhhh.


Tip #3: Get the right kit

One of the worst things about exercising outdoors in the winter is getting cold or wet. The answer? Invest in the right clothing. Always choose material that wicks away moisture and wear several layers that you can remove as you warm up. With such unpredictable weather in the UK, a lightweight waterproof jacket is always a good idea and, if you’re out after dark, make sure you wear reflective clothing.


Tip #4: Buddy up

Got a friend who also needs some extra motivation? Exercising with someone else has lots of benefits. You’ll have fun, you’ll work harder, and you’ll be less likely to cancel. In fact, researchers at the University of Aberdeen have found that fitness buddies provide emotional support and encouragement that helps people to achieve their exercise goals. If your friends aren’t up for it, how about joining a local running group, cycling club or outdoor class?


Tip #5: Make a change

A great trick for staying motivated is to vary your exercise routine. This winter, how about swapping your run for a bike ride? Or trying something completely new, like stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) or cold-water swimming? If you’re happy with what you do but want to switch things up, could you explore different running routes or do your PT session in a different park? Or maybe using an app like Strava or checking out some new Spotify playlists could help you to stay focused and enjoy your workouts more?


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