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6 Summer Fruits That Should Be a Part of Your Daily Diet

Watermelon is the ultimate summer fruit and is healthy and cheap. Packed with vitamin A, which boosts immunity and is good for the eye. Not only is it a great source of water, it is also full of vitamin C, which boosts immunity as well. Watermelon also has potassium, which maintains water balance in the body, prevents muscle cramps and keeps your heart healthy. So, make sure to enjoy this fruit not only in cocktails this summer.


Mangos are another summer favourite and although high in calories, they are a rich source of nutrients. Mangoes are known as the ‘king of fruits’ because they are enriched with fibre and have as many as 20 minerals and vitamins. Fibre is important as it helps with digestion and helps keep you feeling full. Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A, C and also potassium. 


Guava is not the most popular fruit as they are stiff and come with seeds. However, guavas have many health benefits and are great for diabetic patients as they help keep your blood sugar and insulin levels balanced. It has a high content of soluble fibre and potassium. Guavas are known for helping with weight loss and help with your complexion, eyesight and mental health. 


Strawberries have been in use for some time as they were used to treat many health conditions by making tonics. Strawberries were used for skin problems, digestive issues and teeth whitening. Strawberries are rich in fibre, vitamin C and manganese. You will also get a considerable amount of folate and potassium in strawberries. Any summer skin and health issues can be kept at bay by eating strawberries.


Grapes are fruits that are easily available in summer, not just in your wine! Did you know they are high in antioxidants and are a rich source of potassium?  You should include grapes in your diet if you have high cholesterol or blood sugar. Grapes have many health benefits like boosting your brain health and are randomly good for your knees, plus they will keep your heart healthy. But most importantly, grapes also prevent many viral infections and prevent eye degeneration. 

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