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Henrietta Houndini

KBPT's Lauren Karl is one of the most creative people I know. Alongside her PT work you can catch her doing voice over work, acting, stand up and now you can catch her new burlesque act.
Lauren first thought of burlesque after she met KBPT's Caroline and found out about her burlesque/cabaret antics and in Lauren's way, she shrugged, and said "I can do that"!! So she set about doing it. She has spent six months working with a well respected magician as well as undergoing a burlesque course. After listening to her updates I couldn't wait to see her final act. She was so nervous before her first performance but I knew she needn't be, Lauren nails everything she does, the only thing I have ever known her to be beaten in was a mud wrestling competition at Secret Garden festival! She performed her act for the first time at Madame JoJo's to a very enthusiastic audience. As I knew, she stole the show. Her act was perfectly formed, interesting and she nailed each one of her magic tricks. I am sure Lauren will be performing this act all over England in 2014 so keep your eye out for her stage name "Henrietta Houndini". Well done Lauren :)  
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