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3 Peak Challenge - 24 Girls, 24 Hours

So after raising in total about £6.5k for Cancer Research last year doing London Marathon I wanted to go one better in 2013 so I could raise more money for a charity very close to my heart. To do this I needed help.  So I set about persuading 23 other girls into joining me in my 2013 challenge.  Now there is 24 of us doing the 3 peak challenge in 24 hours. We start off in London and catch the sleeper train on the Thurs night to Glasgow.  Fri morning we get picked up by our our guides.  Barry at has been fantastic giving us a discounted rate as we are doing it for Cancer Research and has been spot on with helping us organise everything.  After a quick stop at the supermarket to grab supplies we go to our first climb Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands. So our itinerary is as follows: Thursday Team KB will travel from London up to Glasgow through the night by Train. This is where they will meet the Challenge Central crew that will guide them on their epic journey. Friday Team KB will meet the CC guides at midday on the Friday and continue their journey by minibus up to Fort William. We will stop at Fort William as a chance to grab any last minute food/drink for the mountains at the local Morrisons before making the 5 minute journey to Ben Nevis. At approximately 5pm the clocks will start in the 24 hour countdown to complete the 3 Peak Challenge. Ben Nevis is the largest mountain in the UK, standing at 1,344m and has some of the best views in the UK. We are aiming back down to the minibus at 9.30pm where we will quickly change and begin our journey to Scafell Pike. Saturday The journey to Scafell Pike will be through the night, allowing as much daytime climbing to be done as possible. We aim to start the climb of Scafell Pike at 3.30am. Scafell is smaller than Ben Nevis, standing at 978m but offers different terrain and new challenges. After climbing into the view of the sun rising, the journey down will take us to just gone 7am.  The drive to Snowdon will take about 5 hours. Snowdon is the largest mountain in Wales and on a good day, the views are probably the best in the whole of the UK.  Again, Snowdon offers different challenges to Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike and can be completed in around 3 hours if Team KB have the energy in their legs remaining. The challenge will finish at about 3pm if the Team can stick to the times above. With the training that Kate has set, we can't see this being a problem. Once completing Snowdon, we will head to local accommodation where a well earned rest and a few drinks to celebrate. Sunday On Sunday we will start our journey back where we will drop the team off at Stevenage Train Station. This is on a direct line to Kings X and will only take 25 minutes. Combined we hope to raise £20,000 for Cancer Research.  We have numerous fundraisers going on so make sure you keep an eye on here and my Facebook page for details of top nights going on throughout the first half of the year. I have posted our initial training plan for the event below so you can see the hard work we will have to put in from now till May 30th when we will be heading for Glasgow. 1. So the first training rule for anything is to do the activity you are going to do.  Run a marathon - run, cycle to Paris -cycle, swim a mile - swim.  This is no different if we wanna hike up three mountains in 24 hours we need to hike.  Not only will this give you a good idea of what you are letting yourself in for but it will help you with the different terrain and testing your kit.  The lovely Anna has put together 3 training hikes.  One in Feb, one in March and one in April.  I am 100% doing the first two.  Please try and come along as it will massively help, defo make sure you can attend at least one. 2. Strong core.  You are not going to be able to do this with a weak core, you will get lower back pain walking for such a length of time.  So think about your upper abs, lowers abs and obliques.  A good core circuit you could do would be: 2 min sit up's (upper ab's) 1 min plank (total core) 1 min Russian Twists with weight (obliques) 1 min Scissors (lower ab's) Repeat twice 3. Cardio.  Mix it up.  We are going to need good cardio fitness.  Run steady for a long period of time, run fast for a short period of time, intervals, walk, cycle (again fast and low), add in hills/inclines.  Do all different cardio exercise if you are on machines at then gym but remember we are not going to cross train up a mountain so try to get out onto real ground when you can. 4. Legs.  Woo hoo we are all going to have nice toned legs.  Think about the whole body from the waist down - bum, backs of the legs, front of the legs.  Get leg pressing, squatting, lunging, add in plyometrics (jumping), hamstring curls, kicks, mix it up with weights.  Make sure you do some single leg stuff to ensure your body isn't cheating letting one leg do more than the other!! 5. We are going to be doing bi weekly training sessions on London Fields for free in March, April and May.  These will be run by the KB PT team.  Going to speak to the girls when I next see them to organise so will keep you posted.  The trainers will join in the sessions so everyone gets a workout! 6. So make sure you are working out at least three times a week to a high intensity. If you would like to follow our progress on the 3 Peak Challenge we have set up our own facebook page
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