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2019 Goal Setting

            I always find when you are rolling into a new year it is good to write yourself some short, medium and long term goals to keep you on track.  With goals you have to realise life can take an unexpected turn so they may need readjusting but that’s ok, as long as you don’t forget them altogether. Here are my five top tips for heath and fitness goal setting. ?    Be specific, know what you want and have a think about how you can achieve it. ?    Set achievable goals. Nothing is more disheartening than disappointing yourself on a weekly basis. ?    Make gradual changes. When you focus on a couple of changes at a time you begin to ingrain healthy habits that last for a lifetime rather than the all or nothing approach. ?    Make yourself accountable.  Tell a couple of friends about your goals and keep them posted about how you are getting on. ?    Remember that real change takes time and celebrate each accomplishment along the way.
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